Tracey Potter’s images have been described as beautiful, magical, tender, charming and superbly poignant. Her paintings are embedded with symbolism, which is used to tell lighthearted stories that are metaphors for deeper truths and philosophies on life. Her work is designed to make the viewer think and ponder the world around them, and most importantly to make the observer smile.


Tracey Potter grew up in Queensland Australia, on the sunshine coast, in Cooroy. She moved to Brisbane after high school and studied visual arts at university. Once completing her bachelor degree, she spent the following five years working and later manager in an art supply shop, while painting and exhibiting in her spare time. In 2009 Potter decided to dedicate more time to her passion and is now painting full-time from her studio in Brisbane.

She has been exhibiting and selling artwork locally, nationally and overseas through her Facebook fan page, as well as in galleries, libraries and boutiques around Queensland. During 2010 Potter attracted some attention for winning 1st Prize in the Creative Art Spectacular emerging artist prize which was judged by GOMA’s Australian Contemporary Art Curator Francis Parker and Councilor David Hinchcliffe, she also took away 3rd Prize in the Waterloo Bay Art Competition judged by Catlin Pypers from the Queensland Art Gallery.



  • Waterloo Bay Art Competition, Exhibitor, Brisbane
  • Linden Postcard Prize, Exhibitor,Victoria.


  • Lethbridge 1000 , Finalist, Brisbane


  • Cossack Art Prize, Exhibitor, Roebourne
  • Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Finalist, Caloundra
  • Creative Art Spectacular, 1st Place WINNER, Brisbane
  • Kennilworth Art Competition, Exhibitor, Sunshine Coast
  • Waterloo Bay Art Competition, 3rd Place WINNER, Brisbane



  • Creative Art Spectacular (School Fundraiser, Brisbane)
  • Mater 'Little Miracles' (Online Painting Auction, Brisbane)


  • Cathartic Exhibition and Auction (Flood Appeal Auction, Brisbane)
  • The SWICH Contemporary Art Space, Flood Appeal Auction, Ipswich
  • Oz Material Girl and TOMG, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • AnK Bowtique, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • Summer Blossom, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • Jewels by Lulu, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • Poppyseed Markets, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • Flick Will Fix It, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • White Mango, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • Handmade Kids, Rudy and The Dodo, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • Itty Bitty Butts, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • Spreading Random Acts of Kindness, Flood Appeal Auction, Online
  • Rspca Charity Auction, Flood Appeal Auction, Online


  • Creative Art Spectacular, School Fundraiser, Brisbane
  • Artworker Alliance, Christmas Fundraiser, Brisbane



  • Bachelor of Visual Arts - Fine Art, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane

Solo Exhibitions


  • Artwork by Tracey Potter, Cooroy Library, Sunshine Coast
  • Pirate Birds and Gold Fish Sharks, Wynnum Library, Brisbane

Group Exhibitions


  • Assorted works,Carindale Library, Brisbane
  • Bayside Series, Manly Gallery, Brisbane
  • Assorted works, The Collective Store, Brisbane


  • Birds & Cats, Handmade Highstreet, Brisbane
  • Assorted works, The Collective Store, Brisbane


  • Famous Birds, Handmade Highstreet, Brisbane
  • Klimt Birds, Gallery B, Brisbane
  • Owls, Mason & Daughters Brisbane
  • Something on Your Head, The Collective Store, Brisbane
  • Assorted Works, Mason & Daughters Brisbane
  • Dancing Birds, The Collective Store, Brisbane
  • Fish Sharks/Birds with Cats, Mason & Daughters Brisbane
  • Pirate Birds, The Collective Store, Brisbane
  • Birds with Hats, Bleeding Hearts Gift Shop, Brisbane
  • Feature Artist - Tracey Potter, Vintage by Lou Lou, Ipswich


  • Flutterbies and Birdies, Tracey Keller Gallery, Brisbane
  • Other MsConceptions, Level Gallery, Brisbane
  • Size Matters, The SWICH Contemporary Art Space, Ipswich

Famous Birds, The Collective Store, Brisbane

  • Feline Friends, Mason & Daughters Art Dealers, Brisbane
  • The Bird that Caught the Fish Shark, Handmade Heaven, Ipswich


  • Wish, Kiln Gallery, Brisbane
  • B.A.R.I. Festival, Kiln Gallery, Brisbane
  • Behind Glass, Kiln Gallery, Brisbane
  • Patch, The Queensland College of Art Galleria, Brisbane


  • Autumn, Kiln Gallery, Brisbane, Delicate Weeping, Coffee Club Paddington,Brisbane


  • Works on Wood, Coffee Club Paddington, Brisbane


  • Much more than this: painting and light, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane
  • More than Beautiful: deep space exploration, Soapbox, Brisbane